Level Up

Level Up

ACM LEVel Up: Lifting Every Voice program is a two-year professional development and enrichment curriculum for rising leaders in Country Music, designed to empower participants to play a pivotal role in expanding the horizons of Country Music into new audiences that transcend demographics and geography. The program’s first year is spent learning as well as collaborating to develop a proposed plan to expand Country Music’s reach into new and underrepresented audience segments; the second, implementing said plan. The program is funded wholly by the Academy of Country Music at no cost to participants.

The inaugural class of eight individuals represents a group of diverse and talented leaders in the industry, selected by nominations received as well as self-submitted applications.

LEVel Up, Class of 2023
  • Sabrina Butera, CAA
  • Nick Coulson, SiriusXM/The Highway
  • Ellen Ford, BBR Music Group
  • Aimee Graham, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Synnovea Halsel, Sony Music Publishing
  • Alex Heimerman, Universal Music Group Nashville
  • Roxy King, UMPG
  • Markus Koger, Smoking Section Podcast
  • Chantrel Reynolds, mTheory
  • Jenn Tressler, Opry Entertainment Group
Level Up

LEVel Up, Class of 2022
  • Kaela Allen, Singer/Songwriter
  • Mackenzie Cooper, Triple Tigers Records
  • Stephanie Davenport, Warner Music Nashville
  • Morgan Kenney, WME
  • Daniel Killian, FBMM
  • Shelby White, AEG Presents
  • Vanna Moua, Rhythm House
  • Kortney Toney, Naxos of America
Level Up

ACM LEVel Up Undergraduate Music Business Series

In September 2022, ACM LEVel Up launched a series for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in the music industry. The string of workshops, which will take place in Nashville, TN, will give attendees an “insider’s perspective” of the music business from rising leaders and executives. 

The first of these sessions, a panel on “Music Industry Etiquette,” included panelists Kaela Allen (Singer/Songwriter), Mackenzie Cooper, (Triple Tigers Records), Daniel Killian (FBMM), and Vanna Moua (Rhythm House), with moderation from Stephanie Davenport (Warner Music Nashville) and Kortney Toney (Naxos of America). Speakers shared their unique perspectives, experience, and wisdom with the students in attendance. Topics included interview prep, the power of networking, and professional attire, and additional questions were fielded from the audience. 

Unable to attend the workshop? Click HERE to watch the recorded session.

Level Up

The second workshop of their series for undergraduate students focused on live touring and production and included Nate Towne (WME) and was moderated by Morgan Kenney (WME) and Shelby White (AEG Presents). The discussion highlighted what brings everyone’s favorite Country stars on the road and how they create the sold-out shows from clubs to stadiums all around the world. The conversation covered everything from the logistics of these tours and the financials to the ins-and-outs of how production is able to move from one venue to another so fluidly. 

Mark your calendars for the next two workshop on A&R, Business Management, Marketing and Radio on March 30. Click here to RSVP.

Level Up