Gordon Lightfoot

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot died on May 1, 2023 at the age of 84.  Lightfoot had success in success in folk, folk-rock and Country Music, and will be remembered as one of Canada’s greatest songwriters. Lightfoot’s career got its start when he recorded two singles at RCA in Nashville, both produced by Chet Atkins. The resulting songs,”(Remember Me) I’m the One” and “Negotiations / It’s Too Late, He Wins” went on to be huge hits in Toronto. In 1963, Lightfoot travelled in Europe and hosted BBC TV’s Country and Western Show, returning to Canada in 1964. 

As a writer, Lightfoot went on to get cuts with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Chad & Jeremy, George Hamilton IV, the Clancy Brothers and the Johnny Mann Singers. Established recording artists such as Marty Robbins, Leroy Van Dyke, and Judy Collins all achieved chart success with Lightfoot’s material.Throughout his career, Lightfoot was able to have success from his home in Canada without moving to any music mecca, though he often recorded in Nashville at Owen and Jerry Bradley’s Bradley’s Barn during the ’60s.