The Academy of Country Music’s LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice 2024 Cohort Kicks Off Programming


The Academy of Country Music’s LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice 2024 Cohort Kicks Off Programming   

Rising Leaders Begin Two-Year Professional Development Program with Noted Nashville Historian David Steele Ewing 

(L-R: Kortney Toney, ACM Manager of Programming & Community Engagement; David Steele Ewing, Nashville History Tour CEO; Kenyon Glenn; Lizzy Stone; Jackie Ebnet; David Hawkins; Alexes Aiken; Nathan Pyle; Haley Fairman; Lacey Hayes; Gator Pizer; Bryan Webb; Damon Whiteside, ACM CEO; Tommy Moore, ACM VP of Artist & Industry Relations, Board Administration & Governance. High quality photo available HERE)  

NASHVILLE, TN (January 26, 2024) - The Academy of Country Music’s LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice program’s 2024 cohort commenced the two-year professional development and enrichment curriculum, in which they will work to expand the horizons of the industry to new audiences of all backgrounds, at the Academy’s headquarters in Nashville on Thursday. Opening their course was a deep dive into Music City’s remarkable and diverse history with noted Nashville historian and curator, tour guide, writer, and founder of the acclaimed Instagram account @thenashvilleiwishiknew, David Steele Ewing. The cohort also met with Academy leadership and staff and learned about the upcoming 59th ACM Awards, the work of philanthropic partner ACM Lifting Lives, and more. 


ACM LEVel Up, 2024 Cohort, revealed in December 2023: 

  • Alexes Aiken, Westwood One 
  • Jackie Ebnet, mtheory 
  • Haley Fairman, United Talent Agency 
  • Kenyon Glenn, ASCAP 
  • David Hawkins, MY Public Relations Lab 
  • Lacey Hayes, Romeo Entertainment Group 
  • Gator Pizer, Farris, Self & Moore 
  • Nathan Pyle, Songfluencer 
  • Lizzy Stone, Wiles + Taylor & Co. 
  • Bryan Webb, Apple Music 

About the ACM LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice Program  
Launched in 2022, ACM LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice program is a two-year professional development and enrichment curriculum for rising leaders in Country Music, designed to empower participants to play a pivotal role in expanding the horizons of Country Music into new audiences that transcend demographics and geography. 
For more information on ACM LEVel Up: Lift Every Voice program, please visit  

About the Academy of Country Music   

Founded in Southern California in 1964 as a regional trade organization, the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC (ACM) has grown in the almost-60 years since into a leading association for the Country Music industry. Now headquartered in Nashville, TN and boasting record-high membership of more than 5,000 worldwide, the Academy serves as a powerhouse advocate for Country fans, artists, and all facets of the business, as well as a supporter of philanthropic work through charitable partner ACM LIFTING LIVES, dedicated to improving lives through the power of music and providing aid in times of need, with a focus on health initiatives. 2023 has been another monumental year for the Academy, with the 58th ACM Awards, hosted by global superstars Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, ranking as one of the most-watched awards shows of the year. 2024 will see the ACM Awards return in May to the world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys in Texas for a second consecutive year and stream live for a global audience on Prime Video. The Academy also remains relentlessly committed to creating a more inclusive environment for underrepresented groups in Country Music, from the boardroom to the stage, and proudly presents both ACM LEVel Up, a two-year professional development and enrichment curriculum for rising leaders, and OnRamp, a guaranteed income program for Black members of the Nashville music community, in partnership with the Black Music Action Coalition. For more information, visit or