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Nashville, TN (October 11, 2022) – ACM Lifting Lives®, the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music, announced the 2022-2023 grant cycle beneficiaries today: Abilities First, Inc.; the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation; Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee; Lawrence Hall; Melodic Caring Project; Musicians On Call; Operation Song; Resounding Joy, Inc.; and Songs for Sound, Inc. Launched in May 2022 tied to Mental Health Awareness Month, this funding cycle and allocation of grants continues ACM Lifting Lives’ long and dedicated history of supporting diverse and dynamically impactful organizations providing music therapy programs, shining a national spotlight on their critical work, and harnessing the healing and rejuvenating power of music. The 2022-2023 recipient organizations announced today work with children, veterans and active-duty military members and their families, school programs, those fighting illnesses, and more in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, and across the United States. 

ACM Lifting Lives is able to provide this funding to organizations that share a similar mission and strive to improve lives through the power of music thanks to partnerships with artists and generous support from Gibson Gives and Country Thunder.

“We are honored to announce our newest grant recipients, compromised of organizations that will continue doing essential work and making an impact on so many people nationwide. We are grateful to the Country Music community for supporting ACM Lifting Lives and making it possible for us to contribute to these worthy groups and support their meaningful work,” said Lyndsay Cruz, ACM Lifting Lives Executive Director.

Programs funded through this grant cycle include: 

  • Abilities First, Inc. provides people who face developmental challenges and their families support to attain independence, self-determination, integration, and acceptance by others through education, exploration, and experience. Funding from ACM Lifting Lives will support the purchase of percussion, rhythm, and adaptive musical instruments for the k-12 music therapy program which serves approximately 150 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities across seven counties in Hudson Valley, New York. For more information, visit

  • The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation connects those who have a commonality in grief and provides a safe space to share stories, advice, and build a community in which no one feels alone. ACM Lifting Lives’ contribution will help fund the addition of two music therapists to expand the youth program to two new sites in underserved communities in California. For more information, visit

  • Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee is dedicated to providing support, education and hope to all people impacted by cancer, including family members and friends of those diagnosed. The grant from ACM Lifting Lives will support two Healing Through Music workshops for individuals with cancer, their loved ones, and caregivers. For more information, visit

  • Lawrence Hall is a community-based organization committed to helping Chicago's youth, families, and communities heal from the adverse effects of childhood trauma in three ways: by facilitating inner healing; promoting stability; and supporting community growth. ACM Lifting Lives will help fund a portion of two music therapists’ salaries and program expenses, including instrument purchases, instrument repair, and piano tuning. For more information, visit

  • Melodic Caring Project brings hope, connection and the power of music to people battling illness. The grant from ACM Lifting Lives will help staff one-on-one virtual music therapy sessions that provide each patient with a customized therapy plan with specific musical interventions. For more information, visit

  • Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. Funds from ACM Lifting Lives will facilitate the implementation and delivery of virtual and in-person bedside performance programs at hospitals and healthcare facilities in Nashville, Denver, and Los Angeles. For more information, visit  

  • Operation Song empowers veterans, active-duty military, and their family members to tell their stories through the process of songwriting. ACM Lifting Lives’ grant will cover expenses for a 10-week program that focuses on using songwriting for PTSD symptom reduction and improvement of emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction for those with service-related injuries, illnesses, and issues. For more information, visit

  • Resounding Joy, Inc. enhances the human experience through the therapeutic use of music. The support from ACM Lifting Lives will help fund music therapist costs for the Semper Sound Military Music Program and other associated expenses such as program development, musical instruments, and tools. For more information, visit

  • Songs for Sound, Inc. uses a passionate and compelling story about hearing loss and music to create awareness, increase access, and encourage action around hearing loss. ACM Lifting Lives’ grant will help cover free hearing health and screening events for musicians, as well as the costs of the Care Team, which provides support follow ups, counseling on hearing technology options, and partnerships with audiology clinics. For more information, visit

Additionally, ACM Lifting Lives has provided grants to organizations that are prioritizing mental/physical well-being, including Music Health Alliance and counseling services through Porter’s Call. These grants, as well as the organization’s ongoing digital content series The Check-In, in which artists candidly delve deep into their own mental health experiences and share how music has played a crucial role in their healing process, underscore the importance of supporting music therapy, mental health organizations, and individuals struggling with these mental and emotional challenges.

For information on guidelines and applications for grants, or to support ACM Lifting Lives’ causes, visit

About ACM Lifting Lives®

ACM Lifting Lives® is the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music dedicated to improving lives through the power of music. We harness the strength of the Country Music community to provide aid in times of need, with a focus on health-related initiatives. With generous donations and the support of artists and fans, ACM Lifting Lives has funded national music therapy programs serving various mental and physical health organizations. Recipients include patients at children’s hospitals and other healthcare facilities, recovering veterans, people with Williams syndrome, and individuals with mental illness. For more information, please visit