Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci

A Letter from Christina:

Getting married in Las Vegas at the ACM Awards as Train, one of my favorite bands, sings "Marry Me" with Martina McBride would be a wonderful way to start my life with my fiancé, Frank, and our three boys Frankie, Stephen and Paul. Our path to marriage hasn’t been easy, but we know that, as we marry, our lives—and the lives of our children—will be filled with happiness and love. Here's our story:

Clad in their pajamas, they shuffled into my bedroom, one-by-one, as I was dressing up for a holiday party.

Paul, my red-headed, rosy-cheeked 22-month-old, was first. "Will," his t-shirt read. Next came, Frank, who at five is a virtual carbon copy of his father... tall and handsome. "You," his t-shirt read. Then came four-year-old Stephen, his blue eyes twinkling. "Marry," his shirt read. Then came Frank. "Me," his shirt read.

Just like that, with the sweet, silly help of our sons—his and mine—Frank asked me to be his wife. As Stephen pulled out the ring, I said, “Yes.” What else could I say?

Frank and I never thought we’d find love again. In July of 2009, he lost his wife, Danielle to thyroid cancer. That same year, over Labor Day weekend, I lost my husband, Paul, in a tragic drowning accident. Our son, Stephen, was a toddler. At age 29, I was a widow, seven weeks pregnant with our son, Paul. When I lost my husband, I thought I would be alone the rest of my life, raising my sons as a single mother. I honestly didn’t know where to turn. As a way to deal with my grief, I started a support group for young widows and widowers in my hometown in Washington Township, N.J. Slowly, Frank and I became great friends.

Even as we juggled our careers — Frank is a retail manager and I am an academic adviser in the College of Education at Rowan University in New Jersey—and our parenting duties, we were able to support each other through our grief. We easily shared our views about the challenges of single parenthood and about our struggles to keep the memories of our spouses alive. We realized we shared the same goals, the same outlooks on life.

And then -- inexplicably, shockingly — Frank and I fell in love.

I often think about how fitting it was that Frank proposed to me with the help of our children. After all, we are two families joining together, not just two people. When we get married, we’ll vow before friends and family to build a life together—a life based on love, fortified by friendship.

Most certainly, we — and our children -- are blessed.