Over the course of nine albums, at a time when the music industry is undergoing a top-to-bottom transformation, Granger Smith has been building a career that is truly groundbreaking. With sold-out national tours, a social media following of more than four million, and YouTube views exceeding 35 million, he has amassed an audience that is purely organic and rabid. He has continually searched for new and innovative ways to connect with his fans and —one by one, room by room — built a national following, which also caught the attention of Nashville’s powerhouse label-group BBR Music Group. It is this dynamic path to success and national demand that recently landed Granger as the flagship artist, along with Trace Adkins, of BBR’s Music Group’s newest imprint, Wheelhouse Records.

Smith earned the respect of industry professionals the same way he is winning over fans, peers, and the press—with ten years' worth of music that is self-written, self-recorded, self-produced, and independently released. Those recordings have been backed up by relentless, grassroots touring, with Smith working tirelessly, night after night, to bring his songs to a constantly expanding, passionate and dedicated fan base. Not that he claims any of this was his original intention.

Smith prides himself on continuing to find alternate means to reach his fans. His YouTube docu-series, “Yee Yee TV,” gives fans an inside look at life on the road with his band and crew. He even has a regular weekly television segment, "Dip 'Em and Pick 'Em," on Inside College Football on CBS Sports Network. Season three debuted in September. The most dramatic example of Smith’s innovative approach to his career was the creation of his beloved alter ego, Earl Dibbles, Jr., first popularized through a simple monologue video, then given songs of his own and more and more attention as his popularity grew. The polar opposite image of the singer (who is actually a graduate of Texas A&M), Earl is given the spotlight on 4X4’s “City Boy Stuck,” but Smith is also aware that he can’t always count on the character’s novelty appeal.

As his “Yee Yee Nation Tour” rolls on, breaking attendance and merchandise sales records along the way, Smith sees that this is his time. Breaking rules, defying trends, he is carving his own path, and is ready to catapult forward on his own terms. Granger Smith is playing to win. And as his challenges get bigger, so do his victories.

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