The Academy seeks an experienced, process-driven, results-oriented leader to further our mission to celebrate, honor and nurture country music and the people who create, promote, distribute, love and enjoy this uniquely American art form.

Position Title: CEO
Reports To: Board Officers, Executive Committee, Board of Directors.
Reporting to This Position: ACM staff department heads.

Key Results Areas

  • Two televised shows and network relationship.
  • Lifting Lives and related charitable endeavors.
  • Operating structures and processes.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Negotiate next network contract with guidance and approval of Executive Committee and Board.
  • Manage and strengthen relationship with producer of and network of Academy's televised properties with guidance of Executive Committee.
  • Manage and develop Academy sanctioned events and activities.
  • Provide funding and administrative support for Lifting Lives and related charitable activities.
  • Collaborate with EC in developing long-term vision and strategic plan.


Experience, Knowledge & Qualifications

  • Experience in an executive or senior management role in the media/entertainment industry.
  • Background in event marketing and management.
  • Proven track record of sound organizational performance.
  • Effective communication skills across multiple media and varied audiences.
  • Experience in establishing and executing long-term vision and strategic plan.


Working Environment & Conditions
ACM's Encino, Calif.-based offices are typical for an office environment. Position also requires frequent overnight travel, particularly to Nashville and Las Vegas/event sites.

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